Flying to Memphis, New Orleans & Nashville

Lori has put up with me through 10 years of marriage now and 9 years of flying.  I was surprised that she suggested we take a flying trip to New Orleans & Nashville to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  I started the planning as soon as she suggested it and quickly realized that Memphis would be […]

Night ILS Down to Minimums!

I don’t know if words can express my feelings right now but I feel like I need to capture them the best way that I can.  Today was a beautiful day and the weather forecast was perfect for flying.  A friend of mine – Jeff P. – who I used to fly with here in […]

MSU Upsets Wisconsin with Hail Mary!

I’m always looking for a new adventure and excuse to fly the airplane somewhere.  A few months ago a couple of my coworkers suggested that we fly to a sporting event.  We decided that the Michigan State – Wisconsin college football game in East Lansing would be a great trip.  It was a night game […]

2010 Aviation Update

Well, everyone else is doing it so I thought that I would as well.  I noticed both Rob and Gary put similar summaries on their blog so I thought I’d review my data as well.  Here is a summary of my flying experience gained in 2010. 2010 Hours: 136.1 – First time to break 100 […]

I’m an Instrument Rated Pilot!

When I purchased N2893Z I was given a stipulation from my wife Lori.  She said that she wanted to use the plane to go places and that if I didn’t have my instrument rating within one year that I would have to sell the plane.  She also said that she would support the training and […]

Started my IFR training!

It has been something that I have wanted to do for quite sometime, but I have finally gotten serious about my IFR flight training.  I had plans to start earlier in the year after I had some new panel lights installed in N9526J but that had to be put on hold for awhile after the […]

West Michigan Flying – July 2009

In July of 2009 the Frey Family took a trip to West Michigan to see friends and family.  I hadn’t had any good rental options over the previous few months as my plane (N9526J) had been totaled by a pilot flying the plane that I used to rent (N41568).  I took the opportunity on the […]

Dover NASCAR Weekend

It is already that time of year again when the NASCAR races come to Dover.  We only live a couple of miles from Dover International Speedway.  Over the few years that we have lived here I have had a couple of opportunities to go to the races but none quite as good as this year.   […]

Lawn Care Season….

For the last few years I’ve contemplated getting a lawn tractor.  I was either being too cheap or felt guilty for riding around so I would find an excuse to put it off another year.  Our yard isn’t really that big but it does grow very fast and I have been finding it increasingly more […]

N9526J – Damaged by Another Plane

I’m too sick to explain too much but N9526J may have been damaged beyond repair today when another aircraft hit her when trying to land at 33N. The pilot was flying N41568 which is a plane Jeff used to rent as well. The pilot amazingly was not injured. A Cessna Skymaster was also damaged that was […]