2012 Aviation Update

It is that time of year where we pilots (yea, we are all analytical) look back on all the flights and summarize our stats.  Even with a significant amount of downtime on the plane due to avionics upgrades/repairs and the engine being replaced at annual I was still able to meet my yearly goal of flying over 100 hours.  We also had some great adventures.  Here is a summary of 2012:

2012 Hours: 109.3

Total Hours: 593.4 – I’ll break 600 hours early in 2013.  Next year I’m shooting to break 700 hours.

2012 Approximate Mileage: >10,000 miles.

New Airports: 24 – KOXI, 2H0, KSKY,KSPI, 06C, 3A1, KDTS, 2M2, KPIA, KSUS, KDKB, C09, KMDW, M01, KNEW, KJWN, KBBG, KIND, KRCR, KVPZ, C20, KRPJ, KVGT, U30.


















New States:  4 – Missouri, Louisiana, Nevada & Arizona.  The picture below is all the states that I have landed in.








Notable flights:  Wow, there were a ton this year.  The family was able to get good use of the plane even in the winter months with a trip to Allegan, Michigan in early January to see Lori’s family and a trip in February to Sandusky, OH to meet Jeff’s sister and family at Kalahari Water Park Resort.  In March for Spring Break we flew to Destin, FL and enjoyed a great week with great flights.  In April we were back in Michigan for Easter.  In June Jeff and a friend flew up to Chicago Midway to go to the Tiger-Cubs game at Wrigley.  In July Jeff & Lori flew to Memphis, New Orleans & Nashville for their 10th Anniversary.  In August the family flew to Branson, MO to enjoy a weekend just before school started.  The plane was in annual for most of October & November getting a new engine installed but in December the family was again able to fly up to Michigan to celebrate Christmas with Lori’s family.  In early December Jeff and a group of friends went to Las Vegas and rented a plane where we flew around Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon & the Hoover Dam.  You can click on each of these links to see pictures and more details of these adventures.

Along with all these trips I was also able to fly with an instructor friend from the University of Illinois numerous times to stay current and sometimes find a good place to eat.  On one of these flights I was able to experience my first approach to minimums.  I was also able to meet up with the SMBC – “Sunday Morning Breakfast Club” on quite a few occasions throughout the year.  This is a group of Chicagoland pilots who meet up a different airports in Illinois & Indiana every Sunday morning.  Hopefully we will be able to attend more of these meetups in the coming year!

2012 has been a great year from an aviation perspective!  I only hope that the coming years are as exciting and productive!

Here is more data for my pilot friends (2012/Total):

Cross-country: 91/369

Night: 11/52

IMC: 7/29

Simulated Instrument: 6/56

Landings: 84/856

Approaches: 30/153

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