Over the years Jeff has spent a lot of time doing genealogy research for the family.  Every so often the files get opened again and a wave of research and updating gets done.  Recently a lot of work has been completed on Lori’s side of the family as we found that her Great Grandparents actually lived and are buried in the town we now live in (Monticello, IL).  Below are links to the information that has been gathered.  If you have updated information, please be sure to share with us so that I can have the latest and most accurate information available.  Click on the tree below and register for an account to see the information that has been compiled.

The Frey Family Tree

The Frey Family Tree

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We have also keep a repository of pictures in our gallery related to our genealogy and relatives.  This includes old pictures, death certificates and obituaries and other misc pictures.  Click on the picture below to access the Genealogy Gallery.  This picture is of the 5 John’s brothers.  The man in the top right of the photo is Jeff’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather, David Hayes Johns.  All 5 other brothers served in the American Civil War and none of them were killed!  David Hayes Johns was injured though when he was shot in the leg.  This injury bothered him the rest of his life.


The following is a list of genealogy resources that were used in helping research the Frey Family Tree.  Please email us any links that you have found to be useful.