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2019 Aviation Update

I thought I would complete my aviation update on time this year as last year’s wasn’t done until late March.  I’m very happy to report that I logged hours in every month of 2019 except for January.  The plane was in annual and Michigan weather isn’t conducive to much flying in January anyway.  I broke […]

2018 Aviation Update

I’m long overdue for putting out my annual summary of all my prior year’s flights.   I’m actually very discouraged that I didn’t fly more than 50 hours in 2018.    The past 4 years in a row have only been about half as much as I would consider a sufficient amount of flying to maintain […]

2017 Aviation Update

I’m over a month behind in putting out my annual summary of all my prior year’s flights.   As with the past couple of years I did not fly as much as I would have liked to have flown.  The past 3 years in a row have only been about half as much as I would […]

2016 Aviation Update

I usually like the annual event where I review my year in aviation and reminisce on the flights that I had.  This year there aren’t as many memories and hours as I would have liked.  There are a lot of excuses for that.  For one, the year started out challenging with still working out issues […]

2015 Aviation Update

I love looking back on all of my flights from the year and summarizing them for everyone to review.  I was actually surprised that I flew as much as I did this year when I summed up all of my flights.  We had a couple of big trips and really were able to use the […]

AOPA Fly-In – Frederick, MD (KFDK)

It is always a great day to meet-up with a bunch of other aviators and aviation enthusiasts and today was a excellent opportunity to do that.  I had planned to attend this event for the last couple of months and was glad to be able to attend.  The weather was decent and it looked like […]

Florida Spring Break – April 2015

We have already been home from Spring Break for a month but I wanted to make sure I wrote about our awesome Spring Break in Florida this year.  We had such an enjoyable time and it was really hard to come back from.  We left Richmond after the kids got out of school on Good […]

First Pilots N Paws Rescue Flight!

  Lori and I have been talking for the last couple of years about getting involved with Pilots N Paws.  Pilots N Paws is an organization that helps coordinate the transfers of animals to & from shelters or new homes.  We signed up on the boards and were quickly contacted about a need to transfer […]

N111RW Annual – 2015

The FAA regulations on aircraft inspections are very specific and rigorous.  Regardless of how many hours flown in a year my airplane is required to have a detailed inspection completed each year.  This inspection usually takes a full 3-5 days and consists of a detailed list of areas that need to be inspected and items […]

Weekend in Charleston

The family had a long weekend for President’s Day so we decided to fly to Charleston, SC.  This was a place that we had heard so many good things about but had never made the trip.  We discussed going somewhere but didn’t finalize the plans until just a couple of days prior to leaving.  Weather […]