Las Vegas for Bobby’s 40th!

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Jeff’s good friend Bobby James turned 40 in December 2012.  To help him celebrate, a group of 5 guys met in Las Vegas for a fun weekend of….wait a minute…..”What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.  One of the days Kevin S., Bobby and I rented a plane from West Air Aviation out of North Las Vegas airport (KVGT).  We took Daryl G., one of West Air’s instructors, with us and he gave us a great tour of the sites around the Vegas area.  I was able to fly most of the trip and we toured around Lake Mead, the Grand Canyon, and over the Hoover Dam.  A quick landing on a short strip right on Lake Mead added Arizona to the states that I’ve landed in as well.  We even flew through a mountain pass and along a ridge line that was very cool.  The next afternoon we took a trek out to Hoover Dam on the ground and went on the full tour.  It was a very cool experience and I’m glad we did it.  The new bridge was quite a site to see!  We had a great time celebrating Bobby’s 40th in Vegas and everyone went home with more money than they came with which always makes it even more fun!  Check out the albums below to see the pictures of the flight and Hoover Dam.


You can also view all the pictures directly from my Picasa Web Albums using the following links:  Vegas Area Flight – 12/7/2012Hoover Dam – 12/8/2012