2022 Aviation Update

Its that time again where I look back on my prior year’s aviation activities and typically get disappointed that I’m not flying more.  I have several months in 2022 where I was flying quite a bit but the last couple of months I was extremely busy with work travel and the weather was really poor with multiple snow storms and long stretches of overcast days.  I’ve always thought that if I fly 100 hours per year I’m staying proficient while getting decent utilization out of my airplane.  Since I purchased the Saratoga N111RW I haven’t gotten 100 in a year.  In 2022 I was able to add a couple of airports in California when I rented a plane while we were there on Spring Break in the Anaheim/Los Angeles area.  This was really fun to be able to fly directly over LAX in the VFR corridor!  I also was able to utilize the plane on multiple work trips to Chicago and Rockford, Illinois as well as Louisville, Kentucky.  Bryan and I flew to Mackinac Island for a week with the Boy Scouts participating in the Honor Guard.  We also flew to Oshkosh in July and camped for a few days.  In August after my trip to Louisville I dropped the plane off in Tiffin, Ohio for the deice boots to be replaced an also ended up replacing the propeller hub after an inspection required it.  The remainder of the flights were relatively local where I was training with my friend Todd or grabbing a breakfast somewhere in Michigan.  Even though this is one of my lower yearly totals we didn’t use the plane for Spring Break since we flew commercial to California.  As I write this I already have flown twice in 2023 so again I’m hopeful that I will have a full year of flight.  Time to plan some trips!

Here is a summary of 2022:

2022 Hours: 46.3

Total Hours: 1210.1

2022 Approximate Mileage: 4,758 miles.

New Airports: 7 – KSNA,KVNY,KRFD,KDPA,83D,KJVY,16G

Map of all the flights made in 2022:





















New States:  California!








Here is more data for my pilot friends (2022/Total):

Cross-country: 39.2/835.2

Night: 0.0/69.2

IMC: 4.4/96.4

Approaches: 10/323

Landings: 51/1422

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