Itching to Fly!

I just thought I should post quickly about how I’m really anxious to get back up in the air again with N9526J.  The last time I flew was at the end of August to get the biennial IFR Cert done which passed with no issues.  I flew up to Cross Keys Airport (17N) in New […]

Flight with Gary M. in N28679

Gary called up Jeff on Friday afternoon and asked if he was interested in going for a Saturday morning flight. Of course I said yes.  There has been kind of an inside joke that Gary has been avoiding flying in to Delaware Airpark (33N) and this was a perfect opportunity for him to come down.  […]

Flight to Indy – Brickyard 400

Jeff and Bobby flew to Indianapolis on Friday morning, July 25th, 2008.  We left early and were off the ground before 7AM to beat any of the summer afternoon thunderstorm possibilities.  The weather on the way to Indy was very nice with only a few clouds around  5000′ as we  approached Indy.  We stopped in […]