Itching to Fly!

I just thought I should post quickly about how I’m really anxious to get back up in the air again with N9526J.  The last time I flew was at the end of August to get the biennial IFR Cert done which passed with no issues.  I flew up to Cross Keys Airport (17N) in New Jersey to visit Alron Avionics.  Since then the plane has been grounded for the annual inspection and repairs.  The annual has gone relatively well with the engine checking out with compressions all in the mid-70’s.  The attitude indicator was sent out for rebuild as it has been somewhat erratic lately.  The bad news is that when it came back and was installed it was not working.  My mechanic shipped it back out again to get repaired.  During this annual I had my Nulites installed.  I think they are going to be a nice addition to the plane and will make it possible to fly the plane at night.  Lights for the 6-pack, suction gauge and engine instruments were installed.  The other gauges already had operational lights.  I also had the vacuum pump replaced because my old one was a Rapco rebuilt pump in an Airborne core.  Parker sent out a service advisory telling all Airborne pump owners that they need to replace the pumps because they are no longer supported.  My old pump worked fine but due to the uncertainty and possible legal issues I decided to purchase a new Rapco vacuum pump.

Back in August I went out to mow the grass around my plane at 33N and found that the airport had already mowed the grass hit the aircraft at least 3 times.  They did a significant amount of damage to the right aileron and fuselage.  I was quite upset as you can imagine.  I worked with the airport manager and they took responsibility for it.  Normally they don’t mow within 15 feet of the planes.  My mechanic is now making the repairs.  The ailerons were both re-skinned (one of which I am paying for because of a previous ding).  They look perfect, even the paint! Now the fuselage damage is going to be patched.  Total damage caused was over $5,000!

So, hopefully in the next couple of weeks all the issues will have been addressed and I’ll be back up in the air again.  I can’t wait!!!

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Glad to hear the repairs are getting squared away! We need to get up and fly, lets do a weekday or weekend breakfast run.

Hope the family had a great time with Mickey!

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