Flight to Michigan – Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Flights – MI Trip – May 2010 – 2327-May-2010 11:05, Canon Canon PowerShot SD700 IS, 5.6, 5.8mm, 0.005 sec View at Picasa   We flew the airplane to Michigan for Memorial Day weekend in May 2010.  The trip had been planned for a couple of months and I started looking at the weather earlier in […]

Myrtle Beach Vacation – April 2010

Flight to Myrtle Beach – 040210 – 0402-Apr-2010 07:59, Canon Canon PowerShot SD700 IS, 5.6, 5.8mm, 0.004 sec View at Picasa   Early in the year we were planning a family vacation for Spring Break.  The plan was to fly the airplane to wherever we decided to go.  When we first started making the plans […]

I’m an Instrument Rated Pilot!

When I purchased N2893Z I was given a stipulation from my wife Lori.  She said that she wanted to use the plane to go places and that if I didn’t have my instrument rating within one year that I would have to sell the plane.  She also said that she would support the training and […]

Started my IFR training!

It has been something that I have wanted to do for quite sometime, but I have finally gotten serious about my IFR flight training.  I had plans to start earlier in the year after I had some new panel lights installed in N9526J but that had to be put on hold for awhile after the […]

West Michigan Flying – July 2009

In July of 2009 the Frey Family took a trip to West Michigan to see friends and family.  I hadn’t had any good rental options over the previous few months as my plane (N9526J) had been totaled by a pilot flying the plane that I used to rent (N41568).  I took the opportunity on the […]

N9526J – Damaged by Another Plane

I’m too sick to explain too much but N9526J may have been damaged beyond repair today when another aircraft hit her when trying to land at 33N. The pilot was flying N41568 which is a plane Jeff used to rent as well. The pilot amazingly was not injured. A Cessna Skymaster was also damaged that was […]

Flight to Georgetown, DE

It was a beautiful February day so Jeff decided to go flying.  He called up Andy P. to see if he was up to it as well.  Hannah and Bryan also joined in the fun.  Andy had flown with Jeff one other time a few months ago.  They flew from Delaware Airpark (33N) to Georgetown, […]

C-17 Flight – Niagara Falls

Jeff and Kevin Ripley were lucky enough to get nominated to participate in Employee Appreciation Day for the Air Force Reserves at Dover Air Force Base. They were nominated by Doug Shelton, a Kraft employee who is currently activated in the Air Force Reserves. They had breakfast and a nice presentation about the history of […]

Itching to Fly!

I just thought I should post quickly about how I’m really anxious to get back up in the air again with N9526J.  The last time I flew was at the end of August to get the biennial IFR Cert done which passed with no issues.  I flew up to Cross Keys Airport (17N) in New […]

Flight with Gary M. in N28679

Gary called up Jeff on Friday afternoon and asked if he was interested in going for a Saturday morning flight. Of course I said yes.  There has been kind of an inside joke that Gary has been avoiding flying in to Delaware Airpark (33N) and this was a perfect opportunity for him to come down.  […]