Two Trips to Detroit in Two Weeks

Although it probably seems like we are always flying somewhere, up until a few weeks ago I was behind on the amount of hours that I target for flying of at least 100 hours per year.  This summer would changed that though as we have a lot of opportunities to use the plane.  The weather has been very good and we have had a lot of places to go.  In July I was able to fly to Detroit twice!

Flight to Detroit Tiger Game - 07112013 - 50
Flight to Detroit Tiger Game - 07112013 - 5011-Jul-2013 16:32, Apple iPhone 4, 2.8, 3.85mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 80
The first trip was just for the day to go to a Tiger game against the Chicago White Sox.  A few days before I looked at my work schedule and the weather and they both looked good to accommodate a day off.  I sent a text message to my friend Jay and fellow Tiger fan to see if he wanted to fly up with our sons that Thursday.  He couldn’t pass it up so we planned to meet at the Champaign airport early in the morning.  Within no time we were on our way to Detroit in smooth air with the boys having a good time with their electronic toys in the backseat.  We made it to Detroit in just about 2 hours and were routed a bit over Lake Erie and up the Detroit River over Canada and we landed at Detroit City Airport (KDET).  On the way up the river we got a great view and a bunch of pictures of Grosse Ile, MI which is where I grew up.  We took a quick cab ride from the airport to Comerica Park and got to the stadium early enough to look around and have some lunch.  This was Jay, Caden & Bryan’s first time at Comerica but I had been there a few times before.  Bob, my best friend who lives in the Detroit area also met us at the game.  Unfortunately the Tigers didn’t win but we still had a great time at the game.  After the game Bob dropped us off at the airport and we were in the air shortly for another good flight back to Champaign.

Flight to & from Detroit for Jeff's 20 Year Reunion - 03
Flight to & from Detroit for Jeff's 20 Year Reunion - 0319-Jul-2013 09:19, Apple iPhone 4, 2.8, 3.85mm, 0.001 sec, ISO 80
A week later I was heading back to Detroit for my 20 Year High School Reunion.  The whole family loaded up into the plane for an early departure and this time we were planning to land at Detroit Metro Airport (KDTW).  We were planning on staying for the weekend and surprisingly the fees were very reasonable and it was the most convenient option for us.  We had a great tailwind but then got routed all the way around the city again and up the Detroit River which took quite a bit of time.  Again I got some good pictures of Grosse Ile and one of these days I will actually land at the airport on the island.  Bob picked us up at the airport and we went up to Henry Ford Museum for the day and met Lori’s Mom Kathy there.  After a fun few hours at the museum the kids and Kathy headed back to Allegan where they would stay for the weekend while Lori, Bob and I would attend Grosse Ile High Schools Class of 1993 20 Year Reunion.  Bob, Lori and I went to the “Island” for dinner on Friday night and met up with a bunch of people from Jeff & Bob’s class.  We then went back on Saturday at the Grosse Ile Pilot House and had a fun time at the reunion.

We stayed at a hotel near the airport and left early Sunday morning.  Lori and I made the quick hop across the state to Allegan where we picked up the kids and then headed back home to Champaign.  Another good flight and we were back home after a fun weekend.  Each of these trips would have been around 6 hours driving each way and the plane helped cut that time down significantly!  Click on the links below to see pictures of the two trips to Detroit.

Click here to see pictures from our trip to the Detroit Tiger Game on July 11th, 2013

Click here to see pictures from our flights to Detroit for Jeff’s Reunion – July 19th-21st, 2013

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