C-17 Flight – Niagara Falls

Jeff and Kevin Ripley were lucky enough to get nominated to participate in Employee Appreciation Day for the Air Force Reserves at Dover Air Force Base. They were nominated by Doug Shelton, a Kraft employee who is currently activated in the Air Force Reserves. They had breakfast and a nice presentation about the history of the base and the Reserves. They also had a tour of the base with tours through the distribution warehouse and also the kennels where they train the drug and bomb sniffing dogs. A great lunch was served and afterwards they were treated to a flight in a C-17 Globemaster III from Dover, DE up to Niagara Falls. The group loaded up in the cargo bay of the C-17 and then were treated to multiple visits up to the cockpit. A few performance maneuvers were executed by the pilot which showcased the abilities of the C-17. The first was a shortfield take-off with a quick climb.  Enroute they were treated to a zero-G climb to level off. Finally, on final approach they were put into a 60 degree bank turn and then into a short field landing. The pilot said that he had the aircraft stopped in about 800 feet! What a great day.  It was much more than I ever would have expected!

Click this link to view more pictures of the flight

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Great shots! From our phone conversation it sounds like you had a blast!

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